Hailing from the Swiss mountainside, the volcanic landscapes of Iceland and the buzzing melting pot of Berlin, MONOGLOT has found a creative common ground that rejects simple musical categorization. The quintet’s contemporary sound evolves subtly, through contraction and expansion over shifting textures. Understated sequences build dynamic structures which foster deep associative and affective connections. Elements of jazz, post rock, ambient and minimal music are interwoven to create rich sonic atmospheres.

Monoglot played over 100 live shows and released four studio albums since 2014. The releases were praised as „A post-jazz/prog masterpiece“ by The Math Rock Times and as „daring, free-spirited and fresh“ by German Jazz Thing magazine. “Make”(2020) was drescribed was as “endlessly rewarding“ (Artnoir) and „complex, but excitingly interesting and always unexpected“ (Jazzquad).

For the recent release „Resonance”, Monoglot explored and examined all kinds of vibrations, beats and repetitive patterns. This overarching topic influences all aspects of the musical work: rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre and intonation. Wolf Kampmann expresses: „’Resonance’ is more than an album. It’s a mirror to the soul, a step towards self-awareness and ultimately a sound that without providing specific directions hints towards the origin of all sonance.”


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