Monoglot’s music thrives on repetitive patterns layered over a pulsating rock grove, pop mock-up and improv. It merges these elements quite accessibly and draws out melodies to shine through the fabric every now and then.

The Basel-, Berlin- and Reykjavik-based quintet expands genre boundaries but is perhaps best described as an avant-rock and creative-minimal-jazz act. It consists of Fabian Willmann and Sebastian Von Keler on tenor saxophones, Kristinn Kristinsson on guitar, Valentin Link on bass and Michael Heidepriem on drums.

Monoglot played over 100 live shows and released three studio albums since 2014. “Wrong Turns And Dead Ends” (2017), was named „A post-jazz/prog masterpiece“ by The Math Rock Times and „daring, free-spirited and fresh“ by German Jazz Thing magazine. The latest release, “Make”(2020) was depicted “endlessly rewarding“ (Artnoir) and „complex, but excitingly interesting and always unexpected“ (Jazzquad).

In 2021 the band explored a wide range of compositional tools and inspirations, repetitive patterns and arrangements under the name "Resonance". The overarching topic of deep sonic interconnectedness influenced all aspects of the musical work: rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre and intonation. Monoglots 4th studio LP will be released on the 1st of October, 2021.


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Label: HOUT records
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